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When purchasing a new vehicle, you will take a number of factors into consideration for making your selection: dependability, practicality, fuel economie, comfort, exterior appearance, etc. But is yo [ ... ]

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Awareness Campaign

What a great opportunity for TEAM MASC to share with young drivers directly where the passion for cars is growing, in the CEGEP.  Our mission is to share our experience with the students about road safety by giving a 60 minutes workshops. We want to inform them of the consequences of bad driving and share information on the attitudes, responsibilities and options available to car enthusiasts.

The goal is to change the perception of young people in thinking they are unbeatable at the wheel. In Quebec, young drivers aged 16 to 24 are overrepresented in the accident record statistics. They constitute 25% of drivers involved in injury accidents while they only represent 12% of licensed drivers.  We all know that street racing has always existed. In addition, the popularity of movies like ''Fast and Furious'' does not help by suggesting that it is the thing to do. Young drivers commit nearly half of the offenses for speeding or reckless driving, they are given almost 40% of the attributed excessive speeding tickets (exceeding 45 km / h over the posted limit).

  • Our workshop is 60 minutes divided into several sections:
  • Promote responsible and safe driving: 15 minutes
  • Share with young drivers the dangers of street racing: 15 minutes
  • Encourage street pilots to test the performance of their cars in safe and controlled environments provided for this effect: 10 minutes
  • The laws to be observed when modifying a car and the importance to do them correctly: 10 minutes
  • Questions and answers session around a modified car that we will be provided for the occasion: 10 minutes (OUTSIDE)

Our message is simple:
Do not learn safety rules by accident, driving is a privilege.

For more information or to reserve a session, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.