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Your vehicle's safety rating

When purchasing a new vehicle, you will take a number of factors into consideration for making your selection: dependability, practicality, fuel economie, comfort, exterior appearance, etc. But is yo [ ... ]

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The Team M.A.S.C. Contract

Before you become a member, you need to agree to a mutual contract between Team M.A.S.C. and yourself.

The Team M.A.S.C. Contract


The New Member


Team M.A.S.C.


New Team M.A.S.C Member 

I, new Team M.A.S.C. member, do agree to the stipulations stated below regarding the privilege of driving a vehicle. If, at any time, I violate any part of said "Driving Contract," my Team M.A.S.C. privileges will be forfeited.

I understand that my driving safely is not just protection for me, but also for every passenger in my car, and for everyone else on the road, including small children and babies on the sidewalks and in other vehicles. I understand that it's my responsibility to protect everyone. I understand that if I don't take driving seriously, I run the risk of seriously injuring or killing an innocent person or myself.

I will not speed -- particularly in school zones and/or in bad weather -- and I will obey all traffic laws (including curfews or other laws specific to my city or state). I will drive safely and defensively at all times.

I will never consume alcohol, drugs or inhalants before driving or while driving -- nor will there be open containers of alcoholic beverages (mine or anyone else's), drugs or drug paraphernalia at any time in the vehicle.

I recognize that driving a vehicle is a privilege, not a right. 

Team M.A.S.C.

Team M.A.S.C. promises to keep the members informed on ongoing free activities in Monthly Newsletters about events, races, new member feature, and to send invitations to Member only events.

Team M.A.S.C. promises an identification decal for your car and with this, giving you the privilege of driving as a Team M.A.S.C. member.