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About Team MASC


“Experience sharing to increase safety and control on our roads.”


Founded in June 2009 by a group of automotive security enthusiasts Team M.A.S.C. (Mastership of Automobiles, Safety and Control) is focused on experience sharing with young drivers. Every year, the total number of drivers on the road increases, as does the number of vehicle related fatalities. Whether the primary cause of the incidents are speeding, careless driving, stunting, or improper vehicle modification, the consequences are always severe. Incidents caused by circumstances such as the ones listed above can be avoided by educating young drivers on how to prevent these dangerous situations. 

Members of Team M.A.S.C have the privilege of participating in events that are focused on car control and safety awareness. These events allow drivers to share their expertise and experiences with fellow members while having fun in a safe environment. As the M.A.S.C community grows, so does the number of safety conscious drivers who make the roads in our local communities a safer place!

Whether you are a new driver looking for defensive driving tips or an experienced driver willing to share your experiences, you belong with Team M.A.S.C!


In order to meet our mission, Team M.A.S.C. has identified three objectives.

Mastership of Automobiles

Members get first hand exposure in car control in the different events presented by Team M.A.S.C. These events provide opportunities to experience different road simulated situations in a controlled and safe environment.  The members learn how a car reacts to different driving conditions and learn to adapt their driving styles to remain in control of their vehicle.


Sharing tips and tricks on road safety are provided to our members during each event.  In addition, TEAM M.A.S.C. is proud to have onboard, Lauzon Driving School. This partnership actively participates in communicating the importance of safety driving guidelines to future young drivers.


The power of your vehicle conveys a sense of strength that you do not try to counteract. Once in your vehicle, you become one with it. As long as you don't realize this relationship with your vehicle, it will be difficult to change. Team M.A.S.C. educates you that if everyone gave up zigzagging to win a place in the line, avoided taking risks by passing others blindly, or stopped driving too fast and forcing a slower car to fall back dangerously, cars would kill less.