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Your vehicle's safety rating

When purchasing a new vehicle, you will take a number of factors into consideration for making your selection: dependability, practicality, fuel economie, comfort, exterior appearance, etc. But is yo [ ... ]

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Your vehicle's safety rating

When purchasing a new vehicle, you will take a number of factors into consideration for making your selection: dependability, practicality, fuel economie, comfort, exterior appearance, etc.

But is your future vehicle's safety rating one of these factors?

To this end, all car and truck models put on the market pass numerous different collision tests in order to evaluate the level of protection they offer their occupants during impacts and to ensure their passengers will be safe in the event of an accident. Following these tests, the vehicles are then classed and compared against each other. Consumers can then easily access this information when choosing their next vehicle, but do they bother?

While all vehicles must pass a set of minimum standards in impact tests, they are not all equal in terms of safety. Some simply reach the minimum required, while others strive for better results.

Web sites such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (Highway Loss Data Institute) allow you to know the safety rating of your future vehicle, or your current one.

Vehicle safety is priceless. While a vehicle`s appearance or practicality can be important to you, it`s safety rating should be your main priority.

Go ahead, visit and see for yourself!


Emergency vehicles, urgent or not?

Here lies a touchy subject following the events of the last few days. Medias have made it their main topic and the situation has led to numerous debates.

To summarize the situation, a terrible collision between an unmarked police car and a civilian's vehicle occured on February 13, 2013. As Mr Belance was making a left turn at an intersection on Gaetan Boucher blvd in St-Hubert, an unmarked police car from the SQ hit him at over 120 km/h, this in a 50 km/h zone, killing Mr Belance's 5 year old son who was also in the car (source: click to read).



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Safety essentials

Winter all brings its own unique challenges. The driving habits of all must be adapted to difficult conditions which, every single year, catch numerous drivers off guard.

As such, you've certainly see certain bad, and also dangerous, habits which seem to be ignored by others.


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Dangerous roads

The way a car is driven is part of what can cause an accident. Sometimes, the way the road itself is constructed also plays a part.

There are indeed in Quebec a number of roads, streets and intersections that are labelled "dangerous", due to the large number of accidents that take place on them every year.


Let's not forget the Tragédie des éboulements which occurred on October 13th 1997, when a passenger bus transporting 48 people careened down the côte des Éboulement and ended up in a ravine, leading to the death of 44 passengers. Numerous times before this accident, citizens had voiced their fears about this hill which was, according to them, much too steep. It was indeed not uncommon for cars and trucks to encounter brake failures during the hill's steep descent. It would unfortunately take the death of 44 people before the layout of the côte des Éboulement was changed and for a brake testing zone and emergency stop area to be added.

The Éboulement example is but one of many. The Pierre-Laporte and Robitaille intersection in Granby is often the subject of headlines due to the high number of accidents taking place there. Yet, according to the Québec Ministry of Transport (MTQ), this intersection is classified as dangerous because only 0.7 accidents per million road passengers occur there (source: The inhabitants of Granby worry of it one day being the scene of a deadly accident, especially with the intersection being in close proximity to a primary school. In addition, the situation shows no signs of improving as the development in the region is steadily increasing, leading to more and more people to use this intersection.

Do you believe the MTQ is doing everything in its power to ensure our roads are safe for drivers using them or do they occasionally ignore potentially dangerous situations?


List of dangerous roads and intersections: